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Sup' guys. I'm Ender, the reason why i'm making this gitbook is to just wanna help people who are also reaching out to cyber security, moreover in Mobile Sec, Web App Sec & Smart Contract Sec & blah!

Who am I?. Well, I'm just a normal person who has a huge passion for Hacking and Security. Ermm, It's fun though. I graduated from the University of Tech. I've been working seriously & professionally on Security Pentesting for around 3-4 years.

What do I like the most? Of course, it's hacking. I like breaking things and understand how to prevent it, but ruining things is more fun 😂 .

How far I am? To be honest, I'm not a newbie or whatever they say "script kiddies". Hmm, at least I already have some valuable security reports (Apple? :D ). It's been a long time I don't have a chance to be working on Mobile, Web, Smart Contract Security. Since I started digging into it, I've found that it's really interesting when you understand how it works then be able to break things out. And, since the popularity of mobile is increasing, this could be "trend" and a "chance" for us to have a land to "survive". Why not get to know it, isn't?

Why this blog is worth to read? I can feel the sense of you guys when you start learning something, the most difficult stage is the starting point, you might not know where you should start at? So. This book could help you out, I hope. I won't do it step by step, but I will show you where you should look at and do it step by step, once you have nailed it, done it fluently BUT you still have some questions and desire to understand it in depth. Here you go!. I will do it. I will save and write what I was analyzing and answering why, why you have to do like that, why those things need to be like this? Sounds okay for you so far?.

hope you'll enjoy it!


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